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These books cover electrical wiring in single family houses. They simplify the stated requirements for inspection so that homeowners can safely, easily and confidently make their own electrical installations.

Clear, Straightforward Instruction

These books speak clearly to the point. The legalese used in the Code is replaced with easily understandable explanations. Never dry, this instruction book is actually enjoyable to read.

Reliable and Proven

With this book you will follow time proven instructions developed over many years by electrical contractors. Electrical Code Simplified has been in publication for over 40 years with nearly a million copies in print.

Full Coverage

Every step for partial wiring, or whole home wiring, is clearly indicated. Starting with the basics, like service size, the book walks the reader through each step in wiring installation. Code rules are also given beside each instruction, so that every detail is clearly supported in regulations. A large number of illustrations are used for clarity.

Code Regulations

Instruction books which do not reference the appropriate Code standards can be misleading and dangerous. Instructions within such books cannot be easily verified to insure they are, in fact, safe or legal. Electrical Code Simplified books have always provided Code rule references to ensure that your installation is safe, legal and fully approvable on inspection.

For Students

A practice exam complete with answers is also included. This practice exam is typical to recent Canadian Code exams and is an excellent preparation for the test and an invaluable tool to determine where more training is needed.

Fast Answers

An exhaustive index helps you to quickly find answers to technical questions and relevant Code rules.

Who needs this book?

Anyone installing electrical wiring in a residence is required to comply with the electrical Code rules to ensure safe and legal installation. If the installation will be inspected, (technically, all electrical installations, of any size, are required to be inspected) it must pass, or the installer may be asked to pay for a re-inspection permit. Often the penalty charge is at least three times the cost of this book. Electrical Code Simplified is the only book that can meet this tough standard.
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